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Yoga is an ancient practice — ascetics in Northern India used yogic techniques from 500 BCE. Yoga practices and aims have changed a lot since then and nowadays students come to class for a myriad of reasons. Maybe you want to improve your flexibility and cardiovascular health. Or perhaps your goals are different and you would like to achieve a heightened state of mental awareness or a sense of peace. All of these are possible.

Pranayama refers to breathing exercises which clear the physical and emotional obstacles in our body to free the breath and so the flow of prana - life energy. Regular and sustained practice of Pranayama can supercharge your whole body!

Our Yoga Method will expand your horizons and introduce you to every kind of yoga movement, pose and energy and our compassionate expert teaching will keep total beginners to advanced yogis inspired and evolving. All our classes develop alignment while building strength, stamina and flexibility and are suitable for all ages and levels from the unfit to the experienced. 

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